Gary Clare

Gary Clare was born and raised in New York, Manhattan. He is currently a digital artist who started his formal art training at LaGuardia High School of the Arts in New York City with a concentration in Art & Music. Gary Clare majored in Graphics Design where he combined graphics, photography and typography.


In his career he works with many different companies such as Verve Jazz and V2 records where he produced a huge range of record sleeves, Cd’s and posters for major artists like Moby, Black Crows, and White Stripes etc. Gary Clare has had a lot of experience in the commercial world, which has enabled him to produce work that represents other people’s vision. His work presents his personal views on life, which people all over the world can relate to.


I find it very interesting how Gary Clare combines photography with graphic design and typography. The way he uses graphic design to make the images stand out and how they blend so well – it almost looks naturally like that. His choice of color isn’t too vibrant and the colors blend/go well together which, which has a massive effect to the minimal color on the images. He uses transparency of the graphic parts to bring through the background, which has a very interesting effect with the overlays. His work will modefinitely inspire me in my future work.


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